Video: Evolutie of Schepping, Kaïn is de sleutel om het mysterie te begrijpen – vertaald naar het Engels

cropped-z.jpgPastoor Guido Bortoluzzi werd geboren in 1907 en overleed in 1991 in de provincie Belluno (Italië). Tussen 1968 en 1974 ontving hij van Christus acht openbaringen (onthullingen) die de oorsprong van de aarde en van de mens betroffen. God koos deze pastoor uit als getuige van Gods werk bij de schepping van de mens; en de herschepping na de egoïstische daad van Adam. Hier een synthese.

Fr. Guido Bortoluzzi was born in 1907 and died in 1991 in the province of Belluno (N.E. Italy). Between 1968 and 1974 he received from the Lord eight revelations which concerned the origins of the Earth and of Man. He was a man without malice, and because of this it was granted him to see episodes that would normally make one feel awkward, if not embarrassed, but thanks to Fr. Guido’s candour, they are related without trace of morbidity. This inner attitude of Fr. Guido permitted the Lord to deal with difficult subjects frankly and without circumlocutions.
As is the way with the Lord, He chose as His witness a candid, unprejudiced soul, whose heart trusted in God’s Love.
The contrast between the simplicity of the ‘means’ and the greatness of the message makes it evident that the source of the contents cannot be but from God. The Lord chose neither a theologian, nor a scientist, because – as it is written in the Gospel – it is not possible to put new wine in old wineskins (i.e. in someone who is already self-sufficient and content with his own theories) without both of them being lost. A synthesis here.

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