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Biblical Genesis ’s synthesis

The Bible, the Book par excellence of the Word of God, begins and ends with two books, that are considered hermeneutic, namely Genesis and Revelation. They appear as though two doors placed by the will of God, one at the front and one at the back of the Holy Book, as though in revealing Himself and His works, He had reserved a space for the mystery, which He would have unveiled at an opportune time with the verification of certain conditions. Such conditions as the capacity of science to interpret correctly and more fully the fundamentals of subjects such as genetics and astrophysics, together with the imminence of a second coming and the closure of an epoch that would precede the advent of a new world in which the earth, completely renewed, would no longer suffer the pangs of a suffered gestation where most of humanity is aggressive and contradictory, and unable to accept or actualize the teachings of the Gospel to raise itself over the animal kingdom and be closer to God’s kingdom. This time of change would require that the entire truth be handed down to mankind so it could see its own state and place itself in a new relationship of righteousness with the Lord. So if those two books are hermeneutic by the will of God, then man cannot fully interpret them. Man tries to understand, he presupposes, his conjectures, but the Truth remains beyond those doors until the Lord opens them himself.

But behold a time chosen by the Lord. He has stooped down over mankind to clarify the dark points of Genesis through a humble priest from a mountain parish, Fr. Guido Bortoluzzi. At about the same time Our Lady had spoken to Fr. Stefano Gobbi, founder of the Marian Priestly Movement, and explained the book of Revelation particularly through a series of messages given in 1989.
The revelation given to Fr. Guido is the explanation of man’s origins. The mosaic concepts in Genesis are reaffirmed, while other parts receive deeper explanation and render everything simpler and more logical. And at last the lengthy dispute between creationists and evolutionists is overcome. In synthesis, it is right to see a continuation between the various species and their appearance in time, but it is fundamental to acknowledge God’s direct intervention in the formation of each ‘singular’ species. Science, instead, points at positions, which oppose each other, or lie somewhere in between and produces theories compromised by the fact that they cannot be proved through experiment. Thus, they remain mere theories and cannot pretend to be absolute truths. Faced with such uncertainty, the only One who can explain the origins of man and the means of his creation is God since He is man’s Maker. A mediated creation wrought by God overcomes all these theories. The term ‘mediated’ indicates that God used as a ‘means’ (or instrument) to create any whatsoever new species including man, a female of a species immediately precedent into which He implanted His new creation. The term ‘creation’ indicates that God has made from nothing the gametes of the first cell of the first and second individual of the new species, and that He has not modified something already existent. We shall go more into this later. Each pseudo-mother of the two progenitors – one for each new species – served only as an incubator since no genes of her own species were transmitted to the new species. Specifically in the human species, and unlike the species that preceded mankind, God infused his own Spirit so that man could become “spiritually alive.”
So besides transmitting His Spirit to Man, it is to be understood that it was God who created both the male and the female gametes that formed the first cell of the first Man. Fr. Guido had confided this important concept to the then Patriarch of Venice, Albino Luciani, who had been his companion of the seminary, and he, upon becoming Pope John Paul I, did not hesitate to declare that God was both Father and Mother of Man, giving faith evidently to Fr. Guido’s words.
God also explains the difference between ‘Sons of God’ and ‘sons of man’. The former are men created by God in the perfect state, including their legitimate descendants who remain in the perfectly created state because they are ‘genetically pure’, while the latter are the illegitimate descendants of the Man-Adam who are biologically ‘polluted’ by the original sin, called thus because it was committed at the beginnings of mankind. There follows the recount of the ‘original sin’ which was not merely a sin of pride and presumption, but a sin of disobedience and evil through a concrete act of hybridization of the human species committed by the Progenitor Adam (who had 46 chromosomes and was the first in the genealogical Tree of Life) when he had sexual relations with the only female of the pre-human species that was chromosomally compatible since she had been exceptionally supplied by God with 47 chromosomes in view of her task as a ‘surrogate mother’ for the Sons of God. She belonged to the wild genealogical tree of ancestors who by nature had 48 chromosomes. The ‘generative’ sexual act caused a biological pollution, or defilement, and a psychophysical regression in the illegitimate hybrid branch. Consequently, there appeared human individuals that looked like animals, some with 46 chromosomes and some with 47. Their characters were corrupted to the point of looking like animals of an inferior species. It was this involution, transmitted genetically to the defiled descendants, that gave those men the aspect of hominids. Also the other branch: Adam’s pure and legitimate descendants – the Sons of God – who remained uncorrupted for many generations, gradually became absorbed into the corrupt branch through promiscuous unions, so that all men were “progressively” contaminated by the consequences of original sin. This is the explanation of that hermeneutic expression in verse 2 of chapter 6 of Genesis; which for centuries has riddled biblists. That verse speaks of: “the sons of God, looking at the daughters of men, saw they were pleasing, so they married as many as they chose” because they were more similar to their forefather Adam. This sin was the beginning of a dreadful tragedy for mankind because it was the origin and the true cause of all forms of suffering since it injected into human nature not only genetic malformations and the fall of immunological defences, but also the base animal instincts of aggressiveness and transgression. Though cases of 47 chromosomes – typical of the Down syndrome children – are rare after numberless selections wrought by God, we are yet all bearers of many other chromosomal alterations. Original sin was thus consummated and propagated genetically, or “biologically” as Pope Benedict XVI rightly put it during his general audience on 10th December 2008.
After the Sons of God – the pure direct descendants – had died out and hybrid men had touched rock bottom, and after various catastrophes of which the flood is an example had cancelled the most corrupt branches, God provided for a recuperation of the survivors. He spared from the flood only Noah’s family, the children of which, however, were not genetically pure, but were less defiled than others. Only after this was there a distinction of the races.
The mingling of characters that came from individuals belonging to existing communities during the descending phase with those belonging to individuals from the ascending period confused anthropologists who had found in ancient geological eras the presence of different groups of hominids and had taken that as proof of a spontaneous process of evolution. They could not have been able to distinguish by their findings which ones belonged to the phase of involution and which to the work of recuperation by God, or the re-evolutive phase. Then God had deemed that the times were mature because mankind had sufficiently regained a sound mind and was accountable for; so “in the fullness of time” he sent his Son Jesus to endow men of good will with God’s Spirit, that same Spirit which God had withdrawn from the corrupt branch because of the original sin (Genesis 6:3) since it could not have dwelt in animal-like men. We could therefore say that the physical redemption, or recuperation of our bodies and psyches, began millions of years ago, and the spiritual Redemption wrought by Christ is in a certain sense a second creation.

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